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Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Project Overview

In September 2021, Jamestown was awarded a Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant from NCDOT. The Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will offer an assessment of the entire community, including an extensive existing conditions analysis, followed by an approach for developing guidance and recommendations for varied aspects such as projects (short/mid/long-term), policy elements and programs and the strategies for implementation. A steering committee was formed and adopted by Council on March 15, 2022. This committee will help to guide plan development of the plan by providing input and feedback throughout the planning process. In addition to the steering committee, there will be numerous public outreach meetings and events to gather information on key concerns, desired connections, and needed facilities from the whole community. 


Why a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan?

In an effort to create a more walkable and bikeable community, the Town of Jamestown has embarked on a comprehensive plan to identify potential bicycle and pedestrian projects to be pursued in the future. This plan will provide an update to the Town’s 2010 Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan and will be the first plan with an emphasis on bicycling. The purpose of the plan is to provide a guide for prioritization and implementation of projects to make bicycling and walking in Jamestown more welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. To learn more about the NCDOT Bicycle and Planning Grant Program, visit this link:

What Will the Plan Cover?

This plan will provide a vision for building out a connected system of bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout Jamestown. The plan will include bicycle and pedestrian network recommendations shown through a series of maps. From this network, the plan will prioritize projects through a data-driven process and provide clear, actionable steps for implementation. Building off the network development and public engagement, the plan will develop starter ideas for several priority projects that can serve as catalysts for expanding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Jamestown. These priority projects will include illustrative designs, estimated costs, and action steps for implementation. Recommendations for policies, programs, and partnerships will also be included.

How Can I Participate?

Public input opportunities will be provided at multiple events during the planning process. These include two in-person open houses and informal outdoor community engagement events. An online survey will be used to gather public input as well. See below for updated information about upcoming meetings and events.

All meetings will be held at the Civic Center unless otherwise noted.
Steering Committee Meetings:

Public Outreach Meetings

Online Engagement