Utility Billing & Collections


Monthly Billing

Meters are read and bills prepared every month. Before accounts are billed, both manual and computer checks are made to identify possible water leaks or high bills. When potential errors are found, the meter is reread before the account is billed. Bills are mailed at the first of the month and are due on the 20th.

Accounts not paid by 5pm on the 20th are assessed a $10 late fee. No second notice will be mailed. Customers will receive an automated phone call reminder. Service on accounts not paid by the 30th will be cut off. To reinstate service, customers must come in and pay the account balance and a $50 non-payment fee. Customers may call after hours and have service reinstated with the understanding they will be in to pay the account balance plus a $100 fee by noon the following day. Servicemen are not authorized to accept payment at the home. The after hours phone number is 336.454.1218.

Monthly E-Bills

The Town now offers e-bills. If the e-bill option is selected, no paper bill will be mailed. It will be the customers responsibility to contact the Town office if they are having problems with their internet provider or if their email account changes. The Town will not be responsible for bills not received. To receive your Utility bill electronically, click here. You must create an account login before requesting an e-bill. For detailed instructions to request an e-bill, click here.

Extension of Time to Pay

If a bill cannot be paid on time, the customer should call the Utility Department at 336.454.1138 before the 20th (the due date). The staff will make arrangements with the customer. If the bill is not paid by the agreed upon deadline, service will be disconnected with no further notice. The full balance and fees will be required to have service restored.

How Bills Are Paid

There is a two (2) unit minimum charged on all bills for water. Usage above the two units is billed on a per unit basis. A unit is approximately 750 gallons. Unless a meter is designated for an irrigation system, sewer is billed as well as water based on the water usage. Customers outside the city limits are billed at a higher rate than the inside rate.

In town residents are also billed $15 per month for garbage pickup.

Download 2023/2024 Rate Schedule

Paying Bills

Bills are due upon receipt and become past due at 5pm on the 20th. Bills may be paid by mail addressed to:

Town of Jamestown
PO Box 848
Jamestown, NC 27282

Payments may also be made at the Customer Service Counter at 301 E. Main St. Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm except for holidays. A drop slot is available in the front and back door for after hours payments. Any payments made through the drop slot will be treated as next day payments including payments made on the 20th. There is a drop box as you exit the parking lot onto Guiflord Rd where payments can be made without leaving your car. Payment may be in cash, check or credit/debit card. We can accept debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express only) payments in the office. There is a 3% convenience fee charged for debit and credit card payments in the office. Payments may be taken over the phone at 1.844.427.7601. Payments may be made online by clicking here. There is NO additional fee charged for phone or online payments( VISA or MasterCard or debit cards).

The Town offers Automatic Bank Draft at no charge. You may request a bank draft form by phone or email or download the form online. Once the form is returned with a voided check, the draft will be established on the customer account. The customer will receive a bill in the mail at the regular billing time with a message stating the account will be drafted. The Town will draft the payment as close to the 18th as possible. The Town requires notice by the 15th of the month for a draft to be discontinued or changed.

Service Start

If you are moving into a new residence in Jamestown and need service established in your name, please contact our office. A $50 administrative fee and a valid photo ID (driver's license, passport or state ID card) are required for all accounts. Renters must also pay a $150 water deposit and provide a copy of their lease agreement before service can be started. Those buying homes must provide proof of purchase, a copy of the deed or closing papers. Fees cannot be billed and must be paid in advance in our office.

Service Stop

If you are moving out and need service in your name stopped, please contact our office. We will need a forwarding address to mail the final bill and any deposit refund that may be due.

Change Phone / Mailing Address

Please contact our office in the event your phone or mailing address changes. We cannot be responsible for bills not delivered.

Download Bank Draft Form

Download the Water Billing Collection Policy

Billing Coordinator

The Billing Coordinator performs a variety of clerical and bookkeeping functions. This employee is responsible for generating the utility bills and answers customers’ questions on specific billing problems.

Download Customer Account Information Form

Billing Coordinator Contact

Accounting Technician
Elizabeth Greeson
(336) 454-1138

Accounting Technician
Tammy Salyards
(336) 454-1138

Utility Billing Manager
Dana Benson
(336) 454-1138