Public Services

The mission of Jamestown's Public Services Department is to effectively provide unmatched customer service while maintaining Town infrastructure with the utmost efficiency. We are committed to the highest safety, integrity, excellence, and performance standards in delivering services to every business and neighborhood.


The Public Services Department provides various services to the Town government and the residents of Jamestown. The department operates as one unit providing services for building maintenance, street maintenance, stormwater maintenance, waste management, water, sewer, and public services administration.

Hydrant Flushing Devices

Public Services staff equipped hydrants with hydrant flushing devices. These devices are placed in areas were flushing is needed to help improve water quality. The units can be programmed to activate the hydrant to flush during low demand periods, typically at night.

Public Services News Releases

For information on the changes coming to Solid Waste (Garbage) pickup, please visit our webpage here.


Public Services Annual Report

Click here for the 2023 Annual Sewer Spill Report.



Public Service Staff


Director of Public Services
Paul Blanchard, PE
(336) 454-1138


Equipment Operator II
James Conrad


Public Services Superintendent
Jamie Johnson
(336) 454-1138


Sanitation Equipment Operator I
Chris Pierce


Water Specialist II
Jonathan Knight


P S Equipment Operator I
Phillip Cooper


PS Technician II
Johnathan Viar


Public Service Tech I
Dylan Carroll

Michael Graham 3.jpeg

Sanitation Technician 1
Michael Graham