Storm Water Education

The Town of Jamestown is a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II community. The Town is responsible for the quality of stormwater that drains from property, flows into the storm sewer system and discharges to area waters. The Town is required to implement a comprehensive stormwater management program that addresses the following six main elements:

  • Public Education
  • Public Participation
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  • Construction Site Runoff Control
  • Post Construction Stormwater Management
  • Good Housekeeping in Municipal Operations

Good water resource management starts with good storm water management. Managing storm water as it comes off your roof and parking lots in a manner that protects the water quality in our lakes and streams is of vital important to our Jamestown Community.

Nonpoint source pollution violates water resources everywhere. Major nonpoint sources of pollution include excess farm & lawn nutrients that move through the soil into the groundwater or enter local waters directly through runoff during heavy rains; uncontrolled stormwater runoff from construction sites, and animal wastes.

Pollutants can include nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers, sediments from construction sites, pesticides from agricultural lands, and salt from winter road treatments.

There are lots of ways to reduce nonpoint source pollution. They include detention ponds for capturing sediments, buffer strips of vegetation, seed & mulching bare areas to help control erosion reducing pesticides and fertilizer. Pollution prevention is essential to reducing nonpoint source pollution.

Download the North Carolina Division of Water Quality Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual for July 2007. (.pdf)

Download the Waiver of Liability and Drain Marker Program. (.pdf)

Download the Waiver of Liability Form (.pdf)

Backyard Buffer Program

If you live near a lake or stream, Riparian Buffers are important to reduce erosion and protect the stream bank. Call Town Hall, if you have questions. 336.454.1138. Pictured below is Emily Harrison of Clemmons and Martha Wolfe of Jamestown preparing the silky dogwood, elderberry, nine bark and black willow live stakes for the Backyard Buffer Program.

Backyard Buffer Program
Martha Wolfe, Town of Jamestown and Volunteer, Sidney Sikes
Backyard Buffer Program
After cleaning up.
Backyard Buffer Program
Teaching children the importance of clean water.


Please report any stormwater concerns to Paul Blanchard, Public Services Director at 336.454.1138 or email - After hours report any stormwater concerns to the Town of Jamestown after hours emergency # 336-454-1218, call 911, or the State of North Carolina 1.877.623.6748.

  • Put loose leaves at the edge of your yard not in the street.
  • Don't fertilize your yard or garden just before it rains.
  • Wash your car on your yard not in the driveway or go to a commercial car wash.
  • Oil & Water don't mix. Please recycle all used motor oil. One quart of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water.
  • Take unwanted paint, oil, old batteries and other harmful household products to ECOFLO, Inc. located at 2750 Patterson Avenue, Greensboro, 336.855.7925. This is a free service to citizens of Guilford County.
  • View Bob's Oil video.
  • Stream buffers also known as riparian buffers are important for good water quality. Stream buffers help prevent sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides and other pollutants from reaching a stream.

When walking your pet, please pickup the waste and dispose of it properly by throwing in the trash or flushing down the toilet. This pet waste contains e.coli and other bacteria that is washed into the stormdrain and creeks when it rains. The average pet produces a quarter pound of waste a day! Think about it!

Simple steps may not seem like much, but if the whole community gets involved, we can change the Big Picture of our water quality.

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Remember what goes around Comes Around. Think before you act.

The Town of Jamestown is currently working on a Master Pedestrain Plan. Additional walkways are being designed. One of the programs the Town is actively participating in is the "Safe Routes to Schools".

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