Special Town Council Meeting- October 11th


There will be a Special Town Council Meeting on October 11th at 6:00 pm in the Civic Center at Town Hall (301 East Main Street). The purpose of the meeting is for the Town Council to hold public hearings regarding the consideration of the annexation, rezoning, and development agreement for the following parcels:

  • 2221 Guilford College Rd. (Parcel #159144) Approx. 27.89 ac +/-. From AG (Agricultural) to PUD (Planned Unit Development).
  • 5300 Mackay Rd. (Parcel #159105) Approx. 30.70 ac +/-. From AG to PUD
  • 2207 Guilford College Rd. (Parcel #159106) Approx. 384.49 ac +/-. From AG to PUD
  • 5303 Mackay Rd. (Parcel #158765) Approx. 0.6 ac +/-. From AG to PUD

The proposed development agreement would allow the following uses: single family residential, multi-family residential, and limited commercial. A copy of the proposed development agreement is on file in the Town Clerk’s office for inspection by all interested citizens. Updates regarding the devleopment agreement can also be found at the following link on the Town's website: https://www.jamestown-nc.gov/my-government/planning-zoning Please click here to view a copy of the mailed notice.