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Town of Jamestown Amends Property Tax Discount Rate

The Town Council of the Town of Jamestown adopted a resolution amending the property tax discount rate at their April 18, 2023 regular meeting. North Carolina General Statute 105-360(c) authorizes the governing body to establish a schedule of discounts to be applied to taxes paid prior to the due date of September 1st of the fiscal year for which such taxes are levied. The Town Council has approved a one percent (1%) discount rate for the early payment of property taxes during the months of July and August effective for the 2023 billing. This discount rate will remain in effect until amended or repealed by the Town Council.


Public Services News Release

For information on the changes coming to Solid Waste (Garbage) pickup, please visit our webpage


Update on DR Horton Proposed Development

By , Jun 29, 2022
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At the June 23, 2022 meeting, the Town's Land Use Attorney, Tom Terrell, provided an in-depth overview of the past year's timeline regarding DRH's annexation, rezoning, and development agreement application. This link is a shortened clip of the June 23rd meeting, showing Mr. Terrell's specific address from the beginning to its end. The video can be viewed here: