Town News : 2020

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As of September 4, 2020, Governor Cooper has taken the state to phase 2.5 in re-opening. In keeping with that order, the Town has opened the playground and bathrooms on East Fork Road. Shelters will now be available for rental for groups of 50 or less. Call Town Hall at 33.454.1138 for shelter rentals.



Customer Purchased Trash Bins

By , Aug 04, 2020
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In an effort to keep litter off the roadside or to keep the birds out of your trash bags, you may purchase a small storage Bin with a lid for your trash. These can be purchased at any local hardware store.


If you choose to purchase one instead of placing your trash bags on the ground, consider a container with wheels to make it easy on you! Our staff will simply remove the bags from your container and throw them in our sanitation truck. Do not purchase a deep can as our staff may not be able to get the bags out easily.


Remember to label the container with your address and mark “DO NOT THROW AWAY”.


Town Council will be looking to a permanent solution in 2020.